Propeller Core Software


Welcome to the Propeller Tool software for the Propeller microcontroller.

This file contains information about the Propeller Tool not found elsewhere.


Documentation on this product is contained in the Propeller Manual.

Please visit the Parallax Semiconductor web site periodically to find updated software and documentation.


Windows 2000 or later
The recommended processor for the Operating System
The recommended RAM for the Operating System
100 MB Free Hard Drive Space
24-bit, or better, SVGA video card
1 Available USB port or COM port


The Propeller Tool is available as an install file downloadable from the Parallax Semiconductor web site. Simply run the downloaded file and follow
the prompts. After installation, run the Propeller.exe program to run the Propeller Tool software.

Version 1.3.2


Enhanced editor’s undo and redo operations to track cursor movements and recreate them. This helps with performing undo/redo operations that are outside of the current view by
scrolling the view to that region (to show the cursor just before or after the soon-to-be-affected item)… the next undo/redo affects that item.

Added range limitation code and range indication to Preferences’ Post-Reset Delay item.

Enhanced Library Warning dialog and underlying code to be more clear and to function properly with source locating code.

Updated download code to handle unexpected received data during reset of Propeller, such as what happens with the QuickStart board because of the extra buffer component.